DIY Board and Batten - ORC week 4 & 5 - Deco Azul

DIY Board and Batten - ORC week 4 & 5

Today we installed the board and batten 🥳
It was my first time using a nail gun, and nobody can't stop me now! 😂😂

Materials I used for this project: 

  • pine boards from Home Depot

      top boards: (2) 1x4x8' 

      bottom boards: (2) 1x2x8' 

      vertical boards: (8) 1x3x8'

  • Level
  • Caulk brand Alex Plus
  • Behr paint Conifer Green Eggshell finish.
  • Paint brush
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Industrial glue brand Gorilla
  • Frog tape
  • Drop cloth
  • Nail gun 18 gauge brand Ryobi Tools USA

    tools for project

    My board and batten accent wall is 48" tall. 

    I used two 1x4x8' for the horizontal top boards. Use a level, glue and nail gun to attach them to the wall.

    For the vertical boards, I cut the 8' wood trims in half with a circular saw. I kept a 14" spacing between boards.

    board and batten

    Last step was caulk and paint. We built this board and batten for a total of $183. The paint color is Conifer Green by Behr. 

    board and batten painted

    Watch the step by step process on my Instagram @decoazul_byscarllett under the highlight ORC. 

     or watch quick video here!

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    Did you use the gorilla glue or wood glue? I see both in the picture.


    The wall color is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.


    Love this! What color are the walls?


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