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How to decorate a Christmas tree

Before you start buying decorations for a Christmas tree, decide the color palette you want to use. For my tree, I used: gold, silver, wood, and cream.

Neutral Christmas tree

First, add the Christmas lights. There are so many options you can choose from; warm white lights are my favorites.

Second, add ribbon or mesh in between the branches. I used a 2" wired burlap ribbon from Costco. Find a similar ribbon here

Next, I layered three beaded garlands in natural wood; each garland measures 9 feet. (My Christmas tree is 7.5 feet) Shop garlands here

Neutral Christmas tree ornaments

Last, add ornaments. 

  • Gold and silver ball ornaments: from At Home, for similar gold ornaments Click here 
  • Scented pine cones: At Home, for similar pinecones Click here 
  • Macrame tassel ornaments: Click here 
  • Wooden bead ornaments: Click here 
  • Wooden angel, angel wings, white truck, owl, bear, wooden tree: Walmart
  • Woven star tree topper: McGee & Co.

Or shop directly on the LTK app here 

I hope you like this post. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below.

Happy Holidays!

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