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DIY Install Curtains like a Pro

If you've ever struggled with installing curtains and making them look as flawless as those in magazines, worry no more! In this post, we'll dig into expert tips and tricks on how to install curtains like a professional, elevating your interior design game effortlessly.


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Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials:

For the tools and materials I used in this project, click the links below:


Step 2: Measure Twice, Install Once:

Precision is key when it comes to installing curtains. Before picking up a drill or hammer, measure your windows accurately for both width and height. Start by measuring the width of your window frame. For standard curtain fullness, the width of your curtain rod should be 1.5 to 3 times the width of your window. This will allow for proper gathering when the curtains are closed. Ensure your curtain rod is mounted at the appropriate height above the window frame to create an illusion of height and space in the room. Remember, the devil is in the details!


Step 3: Determine Rod Placement:

Decide where you want to mount your curtain rod, taking into account both aesthetics and functionality. For an illusion of height and spaciousness, aim to mount the rod at least 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. Personally, I prefer to place the curtain rods as high as possible, typically 2-3 inches below the ceiling, to maximize the visual impact. Use a level to ensure the rod will be installed straight, achieving a professional finish.


Step 4: Mark Your Mounting Points and Install the Brackets:

Using a pencil, mark the mounting points for the brackets on the wall, ensuring alignment with the top of the window frame and even spacing. Double-check your measurements to avoid errors. Then, using a drill and screws, securely install the brackets onto the wall at the marked points. For heavier curtain rods, consider using wall anchors for added stability.


 5. Perfect the Length and Consider the Fullness:

The length of your curtains plays a crucial role in the overall aesthetic of the room. Aim for curtains that just kiss the floor or have a slight break for a polished look. Avoid curtains that are too short, as they can leave the room feeling unfinished. If necessary, hem your curtains to achieve the perfect length. Additionally, consider the fullness of your curtains. Opt for ample fabric or double up on panels to create a luxurious and full look. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your windows but also adds elegance to your space. However, ensure not to overcrowd the window – balance is key.


6. Finishing Touches: Once your curtains are hung to perfection, don't forget the finishing touches. Use curtain tiebacks or holdbacks to frame the windows and let natural light flood into the room when desired.


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